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The primary reason why small businesses fail is lack of cash flow. The primary reason for lack of cash flow is lack of sales. The primary reason for lack of sales is not enough “At Bats”. B2B Professional Service Providers don’t get enough appointments with their Ideal Prospects.

Our Get LinkedIn Service is an appointment setting service that is guaranteed to get you appointments with your Ideal Prospects for a reasonable price. This service is based on our proven Get LinkedIn System. Our Executive Assistants are thoroughly trained in the Get LinkedIn System. They do the heavy lifting and you mostly show up for the appointments.

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We are a team of highly trained, dedicated, virtual assistants who help entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales teams streamline success. We focus on leveraging the power of LinkedIn to build your business, so you can focus on the big picture.

Our Virtual Executive Assistants will:

  • Build a Network On and Off LinkedIn
  • Schedule Appointments with Strategic Partners and Prospects
  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile
  • Conduct Follow-Up
  • and so much more!

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