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Optimize Selling Solutions exists for the purpose of assisting B2B Professional Service Providers in growing their businesses. We accomplish this through: Training & Coaching. Our methods include: Live Group Training; Live Group Coaching; 1v1 Coaching; Business Growth Courses; Articles; Blogs & Our Accountability Community. 

Our specific area of expertise is Getting Appointments with Ideal Prospects by leveraging Introductions and the effective use of LinkedIn.

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Jack Frisby has a knack for education and training. He has spoken and mentored for some of the very largest corporations worldwide. In addition to his public speaking, Jack has held hundreds of question and answer sessions on subjects ranging from proper sales research techniques to targeted business development. He has trained and consulted for such multinational giants as: Motorola, Caterpillar, Owens Corning and Marathon Oil Company. Jack has the sales background needed to educate, enlighten and empower your sales group. Contact Us to Learn More.

Jack has a unique background in the business and non-profit arenas. He has served as a Vice President of Sales. He has made over 15,000 cold calls in selling. He has made over 1200 public presentations to groups ranging in size from 10 to several hundred.

He has consulted with hundreds of small businesses on issues ranging from legislation to sales & business development to leadership effectiveness. Jack is a uniquely qualified and passionate instructor.

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